Our Mission

Did you know that most network intrusions, hacking incidents, financial scams are a result of human error or social engineering?  Our purpose is to provide education to businesses and families on prevention and also to provide guidance of what to do if something happens. 

We are also focused on being a free resource to help individuals and organisations become more Cyber Aware.  This is not only through seminars, training, online blogging but also through encouraged participation from you. We encourage you to contact us with any questions and we will update the website and notify you of the new content and the answer to your question.

Our children are our future and the future is becoming ever more technical. Most kids these days have a superior technical knowledge than their parents as they are constantly bombarded with new apps, devices, software and gaming. We want to promote safe homes by providing on-site security for your home. No additional equipment is needed, we simply secure your home with your current equipment and ensure that the restrictions are what you want in your home. We focus on making your home and internet traffic safe so no matter if it's sleepovers, get-togethers or schoolwork, your home will only get appropriate content that you control.

Our vision is simple - Help individuals protect themselves from ongoing Cyber threats.